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Daftar Pohon untuk Collect Craftman seal online plus indonesia

Hilir Sungai Glasis ( map kuburan/kanan Elim )
Arrow White Stone : volcanick rock, large geranium, iron, solarstone, antrachite, Crystal
Arrow Impure Stone : stone, forging rock, hatching stone, crystal of nixie, Bitumonous Coal, Crystal
Round Cedar : white glove, Piece of Cloth, Peat
Dry Tree : white glove, crystal of star
Swamp Tree : star fish, Piece of Cloth, Peat
Shield Tree : Fiber optics, Mark of Neza, Peat
Dead Tree : Star fish, rice powder, white glove

Lembah Travia
Impure Stone(A) : Volcanic Rock, Sword Hilt, 2-Handed Sword Hilt, Armor Pieces, Large Geranium, Stone, Ash, Bituminous Coal
Impure Stone(B) : Forging Rock, Stone, Dagger Hilt, Hatching Stone, Iron, Ash, Anthracite
Swamp Tree : Rod, Yeast, Carbon, 1000 Year-Old Mushroom, Seaweed, Peat
Round Cedar : Dyes, Piya’s Unfertilized Egg, Mushroom, Hydrogen, Liver, Seaweed
Shield Tree : Chicken Feather, Leaf, Leather, Rock, Black Sap, Mushroom Poison
Dry Tree : Rotten Leaf, Tooth, Yeast, Scrubber, Peat

Sungai Mimir (Lime Bawah)
Bright Stone : 2-Handed Sword Hilt, Stone, Volcanic Rock, Iron, Anthracite
Impure Stone : Dagger Hilt, Sword Hilt, Forging Rock, Large Geranium, Gold Dust, Bituminous Coal
Green Pine Tree : Piya Unfertilized Egg, White Glove, Kidney Bean, Peat
Green Cone Pine : Chicken Feather, Dyes, Wheat
Large Cone Pine : Leather, Wheat, Peat

Hutan Silon
Green Pine Tree (Moo Moo) : Chicken Feather, Piya’s Unfertilized Egg, Rice Powder, White Glove, Soul of Great Magician, Fiber Optics, Peat
Green Pine Tree (Red Plumber) : Star Fish, Mark of Magician, Rod, Bowl, Wheat, Peat
Green Pine Tree (Silky Joe the Boxer) :Mark of Great Sage, Mark of Sage, Mulberry Leaf, Man’s Senility, Crystal of Star
Bright Stone : Crystal of Nixie, Armor Pieces, Bituminous Coal, Brown Coal, Crystal
Impure Stone : Mace Handle, Platinum, Anthracite, Lignite

Kuil Adel
Bright Stone : White Ash, Steel, Cocoon, Lignite, Crystal
Impure Stone : White Ash, Steel, Anthracite, Bituminous Coal, Crystal
Round Cedar : Compression Bandage, Bowl, Wheat
Green Pine Tree : Mulberry Leaf, Wheat, Peat
Heart Pine Tree : Hot Blood, Man’s Senility, Peat

Gunung Crude (line ATAS)
Regular Impure Stone : Hatching Stone, Lignite
Green Pine Tree : Man’s Senility, Clean Water, Peat
Dry Tree : Man’s Senility, Rice Powder, Peat
Crystal Stone : Solarstone, Lignite, Anthracite, Crystal
Bright Stone Snowfield : Hatching Stone, Anthracite, Lignite
Impure Stone Snowfield : Solarstone, Brown Coal, Crystal
Pine Tree in Snowfield : Shiny Thread, Clean Water, Peat

Tengah Sungai Mimir(zaid bawah)
Bright Stone : Gold, Soul of Deceased, Anthracite, Bituminous Coal, Crystal, Ruby
Impure Stone : Platinum, Flame Stone, Brown Coal, Crystal, Ruby
Stone Grave : Piece of Glass, Flame Stone, Lignite, Crystal, Ruby
Round Cedar : Man’s Senility, Lucky Card, Cat’s Whiskers, Peat
Green Pine Tree : Shiny Thread, Blue Dye, Curse of Cat, Peat
Fantasy Twist Tree : Crow’s Feather, Lucky Card, Spirit of Cat, Peat

Hutan Laywook (Adel Kiri)
Regular Impure Stone : Fish Bone, Steel, Amethyst, Lignite, Bituminous Coal, Crystal, Ruby
Green Pine Tree : White Fur, Mother’s Heart, Peat
Dry Tree : Blue Dye, Father’s Good Old Day, Peat
Fantasy Twist Tree : Father’s Excuse, Anthracite
Round Vine : Motherly Devotion, Respect, Clean Water
Fantasy Glue Tree : Really Hard Shell, Tattoo, Peat

Hutan Herkaus
Fantasy Glue Tree(A) : Really Hard Shell, Tattoo, Peat
Fantasy Glue Tree(B) : Soul of Jester, Soul of Holy Knight, Peat
Round Cedar : Hot Blood, Dulahan’s Sweat, Peat
Round Vine : Soul of Swordsman, Dulahan’s Sign, Peat
Impure Stone : Ceramic, Brown Coal, Peat, Anthracite, Crystal

Dinding luar lime (Lime Kiri)
Bright Stone : Armor Pieces, Gold Dust, Anthracite
Impure Stone : Iron, Gold, Bituminous Coal
Green Pine Tree(A) : Man’s Senility, Mark of Sage, Soul of Great Magician, Peat
Green Pine Tree(B) : Piya’s Unfertilized Egg, Compression Bandage, Mark of Great Sage,Soul of Swordsman

Pegunungan Travia
White Stone : Crystal of Vinagh, Solarstone, Anthracite, Crystal, Ruby
Impure Stone : Crystal of Vinagh, Illuminating Crystal, Solarstone, Bituminous Coal
Shield Tree : Spirit of Cat, Cactus Flower, Cat Cry
Dry Tree : Shell of Ostrich Egg, Soul of Great Magician, Red Dye
Dry Tree (Mountain) : Spirit of Cat, Heart of Wind
Tropical Tree : Lucky Card, Red Dye, Peat

Hutan Laywook barat
Bright Stone : Gasoline, Ceramic, Illuminating Crystal
Round Vine : Blue Crystal, Peat
Dry Tree : Boiling Blood, Peat
Fantasy Glue Tree : Hot Blood, Peat
Fantasy Umbrella Tree : Man’s Senility, Illuminating Crystal
Fantasy Twist Tree : Man’s Senility, Ice

Ujung Dunia
Pine Tree in Snowfield : Mark of Great Sage, Lucky Card, Mark of Dean, Peat
Bright Stone in Snowfield : Gold Dust, Crystal of Nixie, Lignite, Brown Coal, Ruby
Impure Stone in Snowfield : Star Fish, Crystal of Nixie, Snake Skin, Lignite
Green Pine Tree : Mark of Vampire, Heart of Golem, Aleph’s Crystal, Peat
Bright Stone : Star Fish, Crystal of Dean, Mark of Erasnets, Anthracite, Crystal,Ruby, Diamond
Impure Stone : Blue Crystal, Crystal of Dean, Bituminous Coal, Ruby
A Piece of Black Rock : Blue Crystal, Aleph’s Crystal, Lignite, Anthracite

Danau Cross
White Stone : Special Metal, Crystal of Hokma, Anthracite, Brown Coal, Ruby
Impure Stone : Special Metal, Lignite, Bituminous Coal, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond
Fantasy Grandpa Tree : Boiling Blood, Soul of Clown, Head of Stiff Horse
Fantasy Cloud Bridge Tree : Eagle Feather, Horseshoe, Peat
Fantasy Willow : Boiling Blood, Peat
Fantasy Mushroom Tree : Crystal of Dean, Mark of Dean
Fantasy Tropical Tree : Fallen Spirit, Mark of Hokma, Peat
Fantasy Cross Tree : White Base, Head of Stiff Horse, Peat
Round Vine : Crystal of Dean, Horseshoe
Round Cedar : Mermaid’s Bubble, Peat
Fantasy Flower : Fairy’s Seduction, Peat

Dataran Glasis
Shield Tree : Rayshark’s Fin, Peat
Dry Tree : Sunflower Seed, Peat
Round Cedar : Soul of Pirate, Peat
Swamp Tree : Hatchling’s Scale, Peat
White Stone : Light Panel, Brown Coal, Bituminous Coal
Impure Stone : Light Panel, Lignite
Fantasy Flower : Hatchling’s Tooth

Hulu Sungai Glasis
Round Cedar : Foam of Crab, Hatchling’s Tooth
White Stone : Crustacean’s Bone, Crab Leg, Lignite, Anthracite, Crystal, Diamond
Impure Stone : Ammonite, Light Panel, Bituminous Coal
Swamp Tree : Chameleon Skin, Soul of Pirate
Shield Tree : Rayshark’s Fin, Blue Blood of Reptile
Dry Tree : Sunflower Seed, Peat
Fantasy Cross Tree : Hatchling’s Scale, Mark of Elios, Peat

Hutan Cross
Impure Stone : Fallen Spirit,Rusty Gear,Lignite,Brown Coal,Bituminous Coal,Crystal, Ruby, Diamond
White Stone : Fallen Spirit,Minotaur Passion,Bituminous,Coal,Brown,Ruby
Fantasy Grandpa Tree : Fallen Spirit, Shameless Wooden Board, Peat
Round Vine : Fallen Spirit
Round Cedar : Shameless Wooden Board, Peat
Fantasy Umbrella Tree : Gariel’s Feather, Cow Skin, Peat
Dry Tree : Mariel’s Feather, Cow Skin, Peat
Fantasy Cloud Bridge Tree : Gariel’s Feather, Mariel’s Feather

Goa Crude
Dungeon Stone : Silver, Platinum, Ceramic, Illuminating Crystal, Crystal of Haesed, Bituminous Coal, Ruby
Dungeon Tree : Gasoline, Mark of Great Sage, Really Hard Shell, Lucky Card, Adel’s Blessing
Red Lava Pillar : Gasoline

Goa Silon
Dungeon Tree(A) : Cat Whiskers, Curse of Cat, Spirit of Cat, Peat
Dungeon Tree(B) : Boiling Blood, Lucky Card, Soul of Swordsman, Heart of Golem

Goa Clement
Stone of Dungeon : Golemium, Blue Crystal, Heavy Metal, Special Metal
Dungeon Tree : Soul of Holy Knight, Really Hard Shell, Peat

Goa Aleph
Crystal Stone : Ectoplasm, Lucky Card, Anthracite
Blue Pillar : Boiling Blood, Gold, Alloy Chain, Sphinx’s Nose, Ruby
Blue Stone : Blue Crystal, Mark of Great Sage, Soul of Holy Knight,Nitroglycerin,Bituminous Coal

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