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tutor offset Cheat Weapons Permanent Point Blank

Being open the calculator with hexmode how to click start> click Run> type clac> click view> click hexmode
offset the existing copy as a picture, then add the code that I love:
Character terrorists: CB (type 4byte)
Character CT: CF (type 4byte)
Helmet: D3 (type 4byte)Beret: D7 (type 4byte)
Weapon: DB
For example 0FFFFFF +0 OFFFFFFFF FFFFFF = then the result (as usual but with a mode added hexa decimal)
once they get the added insert by right-clicking new blank white box as illustrated below:
Well located just replace the existing value in Shy earlier by right clicking on the value (offset) that has been in the add by clicking on EDIT and change the value below:
100003010 EC F5 05 M4A1 S
100003019 SG550 SI
D SOPMOD AK 100003039
100003040 AUG A3 D
100003011 K-201 Ext.

200004022 mp7 SI D1 0B EB
200004029 Ext D P90
200004031 Kriss S. VD

300005017 L115A1 D B1 E1 11
300005012 Dragunov CG

601014006 Dual D Eagle D BE D2 23
601002010 C. Python

702001012 Mini Axe D AF 29 D7

1001002010 Red viper 14 AA 3B
1001001007 Coolie Rice
1001001008 Leopard
Hide 1001001009

1103003001 Beret Assault
1103003002 Beret Sub Machine Gun
1103003003 Beret Sniper
Shotgun 1103003004 Beret
1103003005 handgun Beret

if I usually like this setting Brow
1001002013 Red Viper (same move blood + +)
Hide 1001001014 (move the same blood + +)

Main (must have [no use])
200004031 Kriss S. VD
300005017 L115A1 D

1102003007 (helmet + + +)
1102003006 (helmet + + & Track)

Melee (harsu have [no use])
702001012 Mini Axe
Smoke (must have [no use]
904007007 (WP SMOKE)

ip: remember is that for secondary weapons such as axes and knives weapon bombs are memilliki item that should not be going to DC / exit from the game. Use it wisely do not be traded.
Bagi orang indonesia jangan ketawa.. bahasa translate mbah google

gue hanya copas dari Eyang Google dan masih blum mampu menggunakannya,,


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